Can You Change Your Lawyer In A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

If you are involved in a lawsuit, it is possible that you may not have enough experience in dealing with and retaining attorneys. You may see a billboard or television ad and choose someone that promises big results. But as things move forward and you doubt the case strength, you will wonder: Can I change the lawyer in a personal injury lawsuit? Fortunately, yes, you can. The rules of ethics and law supply it as well. Visit the website to learn more about hiring or changing lawyers in your case.

Can you change your lawyer in a personal injury lawsuit?

Some cases are indeed more complicated than others. Staying in the legal system and burying yourself in bureaucracy and paperwork can be frustrating. You will think that the process of pursuing and evaluating is very involved–and you are right. 

You should feel respected by the attorney/law firm you hired. They will respect not your situation but also your time. The lawyer should be knowledgeable regarding the area of law in your case and have a track record to show success in handling a case like yours.

The lawyer should speak about the specifics of the case and should not sweep promises to get you excited about the big payday. If you are worried about double fees payment, do not. Switching lawyers between your case will not impact your fee. Generally, your new and previous lawyers will split the fee according to the work percentage they did on your case. 

Since the rules vary state-wise, you should go through your state’s rules. Your state may need a judge’s approval to release the current lawyer and add the new one. Your new lawyer must file a substitution of counsel appeal with the court. Usually, it is not a problem, but if the case is going to trial, changing lawyers may cause a delay, and the judge may not approve the switch.

Things to consider while switching lawyers

When you switch car accident lawyers between a case, timing is everything. Whether you can find a lawyer to take your claim depends on your claim stage when you perform the switch. 

When you employ two or more lawyers in your single claim, they will share legal fees with the previous lawyer. This will make your case not worth it for the new lawyer to handle the financial risk. 


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