Why Should You Be Concerned About Hip Impingement?

You’ve undoubtedly heard of hip impingement if you’re an athlete. Even if you aren’t an athlete, you should be aware of this problem since, if not handled, it can lead to serious health problems in the future. Why should you be concerned now that you understand what hip impingement is? Continue reading to find out more.

What Exactly is Hip Impingement?

Hip impingement occurs when the bones of the hip joint do not fit properly together. This can destroy the cartilage as well as cause hip pain and stiffness. Hip impingement is quite common, but it’s important to be aware of it since it can lead to hip arthritis over time.

Hip impingement can be caused by a number of disorders, including injuries, overuse, and structural changes in the body. It is common among athletes who compete in sports that require a lot of running and leaping. Hip fracture risk is also elevated in those with Legg-Calve-Perthes disease or hip developmental anomalies.

See a doctor for a complete diagnosis and treatment plan if you suspect hip impingement. Rest, physical therapy, and behavior modification are all common treatments. You may need surgery at times. The majority of people with hip impingement may manage their symptoms and live normal lives with the proper therapy.

Alternatives to Therapy

Hip impingement is a painful condition that makes mobility difficult. It happens when the hip joint surfaces wear down due to contact between the bones. Non-surgical alternatives for treating hip impingement include physical therapy and weight reduction. The optimal course of treatment for you will be determined by your condition’s severity and overall health. Surgery may be recommended if non-surgical therapies are inadequate at easing your symptoms or if your hip impingement is causing substantial damage to your hip joint.

Arthroscopy is the most often utilized type of surgery to treat hip impingement. Most of the time, this therapy may be done using less invasive procedures, which can speed up your recuperation. Your orthopedic surgeon will go through your treatment options with you and help you make the best selection.

Preventing Hip Impingement

A few steps may be taken to avoid hip impingement in the first place. Before engaging in any physical exercise, make sure to warm up fully. This will enhance blood flow to the region, reducing the possibility of damage.

Second, avoid fast or frequent motions that might cause joint tension. If you feel any pain or discomfort, rest the joint and apply ice as soon as possible.

Last but not least, if you have a disease that increases your chance of getting hip impingement, seeks treatment as soon as possible and follow whatever recommendations your doctor tells you. By following these techniques, you may help to keep your hips healthy and prevent impingement.

Final Thoughts

Chronic hip impingement may be a painful and debilitating ailment that decreases one’s quality of life severely. Hip impingement occurs when the bones of the hip joint inappropriately rub against one another. This causes pain and a restricted range of motion. Hip impingement can occur at any age, although it is most common in middle-aged individuals. If hip impingement is not treated, it can progress to arthritis.

We routinely assist individuals with hip-related ailments at Onward Physical Therapy. To enhance the range of motion and relieve discomfort, our skilled therapists employ both hands-on treatments and exercises. We also train patients how to take care of themselves so that their sickness does not worsen. We would be happy to assist you or someone you know who is suffering from persistent hip impingement. Please contact our office as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.


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