When Should You Visit a Skin Cancer Doctor?

Skin cancer is one of the most insidious diseases, as it can be hard to detect without help from a qualified professional. Visiting a skin cancer doctor can help put an end to the endless speculation and paranoia surrounding your own skin cancer status, but when is the best time to be assessed?

While self-checks for skin cancer are useful and an important part of detecting any suspicious moles or spots early, a thorough skin cancer check with a specialist is the only way you can truly confirm or deny the severity of any melanoma or cancers that may be developing.

This article will detail the best time to visit a skin cancer doctor as well as how a skin cancer check is performed, the cost of a skin cancer check, and how to get checked.

H2: What Happens During a Skin Cancer Check?

Undergoing a skin cancer check with a skin cancer doctor may seem daunting if you’ve never done it before, but the process is actually quite simple and efficient.

First, the doctor or skin cancer specialist you visit will ask you to undress. You can usually leave your undergarments on if that is more comfortable for you. You will then be asked to sit or lie down on an examination table or couch while the doctor examines your skin using a tool that magnifies and illuminates the skin. 

If your doctor suspects skin cancer, they may remove it on the spot or perform a biopsy, removing a small sample of the affected area and sending it to a lab for further examination and testing. If results from the biopsy are inconclusive, you may be referred onto a specialist. 

H2: When is the Best Time for a Skin Cancer Check?

You should book an appointment with a skin cancer doctor for a skin cancer check if you notice any of the common signs of skin cancer such as moles that have changed shape, increased in size or changed in colour or texture. A visit to a skin cancer doctor is especially crucial if you fall into a high risk category for skin cancer.

Ideally, you’ll want to be conducting self-examinations for skin cancer at home every three months, having a skin check with a GP or specialist every 6 months, and having a mole map skin check at a clinic at least annually. This is because any changes in your skin or moles can be hard to keep track of, especially if you have a busy schedule. A skin cancer doctor or a specialist at a clinic is truly the best way to get accurate tracking and peace of mind. 

H2: How Much Does a Skin Cancer Check Cost?

Appointment costs for seeing a skin cancer doctor or having a full body scan at a clinic can vary but are usually quite affordable. It’s best to consult with the practice you’re considering going to and asking exactly how much out of pocket costs will be and if any rebates or promotional prices are available.


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