What is the best homeopathic medicine for Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a condition of the skin that becomes worse each winter. The cold weather alone makes a psoriasis patient dread the winter. All summer long, they usually stay healthy. They start to get concerned when the temperature drops. Psoriasis patient’s skin can become very problematic. After scratching it, it bleeds severely and even worse. On the top of the skin, sizable eruptional regions are covered in whitish-scale development. Psoriasis skin disease can be treated best with homeopathy without any side effects. The primary goal is to control the stinging and burning associated with the eruptions.

Arsenic Album:

The main sign that arsenic album has been used is the existence of dry, gritty, red papular eruptions with scales on them. The scales have a silver hue. Except for the face and hands, most of the body is covered with eruptions. Itching occurs along with the rapid spread of the outbreaks. In most situations, the itching gets worse when it’s cold, while it gets better when it’s warm. After attempting to scratch the breakouts, pain appears on the affected skin. Following scratching, bleeding patches on the skin also develop. In cases of guttate Psoriasis, the arsenic album is also influential. Small scaled spots with a rose color are a sign of guttate Psoriasis.

Graphites Naturalis:

Patches of painful, chapped, rough, and scaled skin are typical when Graphites Naturalis is effective. On the surface, there may also be a propensity for cracks to form. In the aftermath of scratching, the skin may become sticky. For people with scalp psoriasis, graphite naturalis is also helpful. Eruptions covered in scales show up on the scalp in these circumstances. Itchy, painful scalp conditions include soreness to the touch. Moreover, the top of the head can experience burning. Along with behind the ears, scalp eruptions might spread. Rough, thick, and malformed nails are a hallmark of nail psoriasis.


Sepia is one of the most excellent homeopathic treatments for Psoriasis when the eruptions and the affected area have an unpleasant odor. This medication can treat psoriasis skin disease with a long half-life and shouldn’t be taken frequently. After menopause, women are more likely to be affected than males. The patient has a yellowish skin tone.


Sulfur is beneficial when psoriatic skin lesions itch and burn intensely. The person starts to experience severe itching and scratches their skin until it bleeds. Scratching is followed by a burning sensation. Wandering and shifting repeatedly, the itching. The skin feels painful after touching and is rough, scaly, and dry. When lying in bed, the symptoms frequently worsen in the evening and at night. The itching and burning sensation keep me up at night. The eruption’s prickling, biting, and adhering sensations are further associated symptoms. Sulfur can also be used to treat skin conditions if there has previously been overuse of ointments.

Final thoughts:

Homeopathic medicine has a huge advantage over other forms of treating Psoriasis. , Psoriasis medicine is long-lasting, in contrast to other forms of care that are only palliative. This implies that after the patient is healed, the symptoms do not reappear. They are capable of leading a healthy, drug-free life.


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