What are the guidelines for using the different rowing machines?

Maintaining to be healthy is one of the necessary things that you have to do in your life. You can keep your body shape when you do a 30-minute aerobic exercise every day. Rowing is a good exercise to achieve aerobic wellness and fitness for your body. Many people know that rowing machine is also ergometers. It gives you many benefits to your body, especially by losing weight and boosting your endurance.

A rowing machine is giving you an upper body and lower body workout with a low-impact cardio exercise. It gives you the chance to develop your cardiovascular and muscular systems. If you like to experience using the machine then you can buy a rowing machine online which is hassle-free. And when you are looking for the ideal rowing machines for you, these are the options that you can choose to have.

Hydraulic rowing

The hydraulic rowing machine is when you are concerned about the space in your house or you have a tight budget. It gets the tension from the amount of air or fluid that is inside a compressed cylinder or piston. But the indoor rowers are affordable, they only differ from magnetic, air, and water rowers. The technique of the machine is not allowing you to pull in a straight line. For most hydraulic piston machines you have to be in an exercise position. And you cannot synchronize your leg and arm movements together.

Flywheel rowing

The flywheel rowing machine is giving you the same feeling as outdoor rowing. It is a pulling motion in which the flywheel spins its fan blades and the resistance is provided by the wind. To have a higher resistance you only have to do is to pull harder. It moves faster and has a great wind resistance which is from the fan blades of the indoor rower.

Magnetic resistance indoor rowers

The use of a magnetic resistance rowing machine is giving you a silent and smooth rowing stroke. When you compare it to flywheel rowers you will get the resistance from the wind. The magnetic rowing machine is using a magnetic brake system. One thing that you will notice once you start using it is it doesn’t make any sound. When you have a magnetic rowing machine it produces no friction and it gives you a silent workout.


The WaterRower is ideal for those people that are in outdoor rowing. The machine has a unique patent water flywheel that is made to copy the motion of the boat moving in the water. And since it is the same as rowing outdoors it gets the resistance from the water that is moving past the tank. The rowing machine is silent to use and the only thing that you can hear is the swishing of the water.


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