Weight Loss Injections: What to Understand

Many options exist to help people lose weight and keep the weight off. Along with bettering their diet and exercising regularly, individuals can opt for medical treatments, too. One option that has been used to treat diabetics struggling with weight loss has now also become readily available for all individuals- injections.

Even though the idea of getting shots can be scary for some, this weight loss regimen comes with plenty of benefits that can show results in as little as six weeks. As you may never have worked with shots before, you are bound to have some concerns about taking this route. Fortunately, experts like Ivím Health can tell you all you need to know whenever you are ready to take the plunge.

Before you can set up a consultation with an Ivím Health provider, use this guideline to help you figure out whether or not weight loss injections are something you are prepared to work with.

Injections vs. Oral Supplements

As you can expect, injections are not the only option that people have when it comes to weight control. Although pills like Rybelsus are quite common, they do not work the same way as an injection would. The reason that companies like Ivím Health focus on delivering weight loss injections online is due to bio-availability.

This term refers to the way that our body absorbs medications into our bloodstream. The higher the bio-availability, the more powerful the drug is, which leads to faster results. Injections are directly shot into our veins, while pills will take time once they are ingested.

Types of Injections

There are specific injections that are meant for diabetics and non-diabetics, as many help to control insulin levels. The most popular type of injection is semaglutides, as they act like the GLP-1 hormone that controls hunger cues sent to the brain.

A more novel type of injection is tirzepatide, which was approved by the FDA in 2022. Along with controlling glucose levels, this treatment also changes the way the body breaks down the body’s sugars and fats.

When working with Ivím Health, diabetic patients often get Ozempic for semaglutide care and Mounjaro for tirzepatide. Non-diabetics will get Wegovy, as it is the only semaglutide treatment for weight loss.

Injection Safety

Many people who might not typically be used to injections might have concerns about if they can give themselves the shots. Much like insulin shots, these injections are easy to do without outside assistance. They can usually be delivered in body parts like the belly, arms, or legs. These medications come with instructions on best performing the task, and Ivím Health even offers videos so you can visually educate yourself, too.

When you receive your injections in the mail, remember to keep them out of the way of children or anyone who may be vulnerable. Once done with a needle, dispose of them in bottles so that you do not risk being pricked by them later.

Where to Get Injections Ordered

If you do not have a healthcare provider or do not have medical insurance, you still have a chance to get help, thanks to Ivím Health. They are an online weight loss clinic san jose ca offering clients an expert provider who can help them find the right medication and send their orders without issue in as little as two days.

Ivím Health helps all types of individuals who are trying to lose weight, and even those who do not have coverage have been assisted, thanks to their accessibility programs. Almost all clients are candidates for these plans and will save plenty of money on their injections. Though most patients start with semaglutides, you can switch over to tirzepatides if preferred.

To make sure your health is fully in tune, Ivím Health also has an app that is customized to understand you and will give you recommendations on lifestyle changes. This includes dietary plans and exercise strategies. Patients who use the app and medications together have seen great weight loss results in just a few months!

Weight loss injections can give you the answers you want faster than many other medications on the market. To make sure you get started quickly with the help of health experts who personalize plans to your needs, register with Ivím Health immediately. They’ll set you up with an appointment in no time.



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