Top Games for Your Brain

Game developers have created some outstanding brain-training games for those who are worried about memory loss to try. These games present players with a plethora of riddles and challenges that can be solved over the course of several hours or just a few minutes at a time.

Along with a well-balanced diet, plenty of rest, and a brain balance supplement, adding in games may be the trick for keeping you sharp as you age. Find out more about the most effective games for training the brain, which has been shown to improve mental acuity and may even help prevent cognitive illnesses such as Alzheimer’s.

The Best Games and Apps for Mental Acuity

There are a few important points to note about the phenomenon of brain-training games from the point of view of someone who is attempting to reduce their risk of memory loss. To begin, there are studies on both sides of the coin as to whether playing games can truly help with memory loss.

On the other hand, these same scientists who are objective have not cast significant doubt on the ability of brain-training games to protect against memory loss.

Despite feuding research, playing video games designed to improve mental acuity isn’t harmful in any way. And, if you’re looking to stack the deck on your side, it understands that trying things like brain games is an easy plus to add to your day. That being said, let’s look at some of the apps you should consider if you want to improve clarity and sharpen your focus…and maybe just improve your memory along the way.


Lumosity is an app that can be downloaded for free on both the iOS App Store and the Android Play Store. It features a collection of cognitive and scientific games that are intended to help you improve your working memory and engage your brain on a daily basis. These games are intended to help you improve your ability to pay attention to the things that matter — that is, the things that contribute to your success in completing the task at hand — while also teaching you to disregard the things that aren’t contributing to your success. More than 60 million people from all around the world make use of Lumosity, making it one of the most popular brain-training games currently available.


Dakim, which refers to itself as a “brain fitness application,” provides its users with a collection of games and puzzles that are intended to assist in providing their brains with a thorough exercise. The program gives you access to more than one hundred different brain exercises, all of which are designed to improve attention and concentration.


Clevermind is more than just a collection of different games. It incorporates social, medical, and dietary tools, all of which are presented in an easy-to-read interface. In addition, Clevermind includes a digital assistant that has a voice similar to that of Siri. You may get Clevermind from the Apple App Store on your iOS device. It is not available for Android users at this time.

Fit Brains Trainer

More than 360 different games and puzzles are at your disposal within the Fit Brains Trainer software, allowing you to “improve your memory, focus, and brain speed.” The software is intelligently built to get more difficult as you get better at it so that you always have a task in front of you and are never wanting for a means to give your brain a positive exercise. This ensures that you always have something to keep your brain active and engaged. On both Google Play and the iOS App Store, users may download the Fit Brains Trainer app for free.

Brain Fitness

Cognifit Brain Fitness, which can be downloaded for free from the iTunes store, provides users with access to a large variety of entertaining and well-designed games that were developed by neuroscientists. You, as a user, have the power to monitor your development and can even begin with a mental examination of your current state. If you are in the mood for a little healthy competition, you may even take on some of your close friends. This is not only a lot of fun, but it also gives you the chance to show off your intelligence to your group of close friends.

Exercise for the Brain

This popular software is available on Google Play and iTunes in both free and paid editions, and it features one of the greatest collections of brain-training games currently on the market. These games include language games, arithmetic games, and rapid shape games, among many others (including, of course, Sudoku). The best part is that you may modify your gaming experience to fit your specific needs, such as improving your problem-solving skills, memory, focus, or agility.

Metrics of the Brain

Brain Metrix is a free web service that lets you “train your brain,” and it offers a vast range of games that can help you get your brain in tip-top form by improving your focus, color recognition, intelligence, spatial intelligence, memory, and creative thinking. If you are interested in playing games that improve your brain’s fitness in ways that can help avoid Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, then Brain Metrix contains games and exercises that are a good fit for your needs.


The slogan “Learn and remember anything” serves as Eidetic’s catchphrase, and it is both generic and specific. Research conducted in the field of neuroscience on how the brain learns has unambiguously shown that doing something multiple times is essential if you want a new piece of knowledge to be designated for long-term storage in your memory. The Eidetic app helps you learn and recall all sorts of interesting phrases and facts by utilizing a method known as “spaced repetition,” which is a memory enhancement strategy. It is downloadable as an app for use on iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad.

What Other Steps Can You Take to Possibly Improve Memory?

A google search can provide you with a myriad of ways to improve your memory and possibly reduce your risk of memory loss. From getting a good night’s sleep to eating a healthy diet, all you need is to develop a plan that feels good to you.

You can also research brain balance supplements to assist you on your path. Products like Cognitive Edge are created to increase focus, decrease stress, and improve your memory. When choosing a supplement such as this, consult your physician. This is particularly important if you take medications. To find out more about Sage Nutrients and our products, visit our website at


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