Shoulder Joint Replacement Surgery and Post-Operative Care Tips

Proper care after a shoulder replacement surgery is very important. This can help foster a speedy recovery and achieve the best possible results. And in order to speed up recovery, lessen your pain and discomfort after the surgery, and restore shoulder function you must follow the proper shoulder joint replacement post-operative care tips below.

Strictly Follow Your Rehabilitation Plan

After your shoulder joint replacement surgery, your orthopedic surgeon and physical therapist will provide a rehabilitation plan for you. This can help you slowly regain your shoulder strength, and bring back range of movement and flexibility. The rehabilitation plan will be unique to what you require after surgery.

Proper Pain Management

Pain is common after surgery and your doctor will guide you on how to properly manage it. This is crucial to help you deal with your healing process. Make sure that you take pain relievers as directed by your doctor. Also, keep track of the medications that you take and how your body reacts to them. Ensure that your doctor knows if you have any adverse reactions to the medications.

Wound Care

Your wound after surgery should be properly taken care of to avoid infection. You have to keep it clean, dry, and the dressing should be changed as scheduled. Ensure that you keep an eye out for symptoms of infection – redness, swelling, unusual discomfort, or discharge. Let your doctor know of any symptoms. Effective wound management can quicken your healing process.

Using Assistive Devices

After your surgery, you might need to use a sling, brace, or immobilizer. This may depend on what your doctor will recommend in order to support your shoulder and quicken your healing process. Talk to your medical team to know what are the best assistive devices that would be more effective for you. Use these devices according to the instructions by your doctor.

Ensure Proper Rest

The important part of post-operative care is having enough rest. You need to find a healthy balance between ensuring active recovery and downtime. Rehabilitation is crucial but you should not push yourself too hard or else this can only worsen your situation. Always listen to your doctor and your PT for advice. This is crucial if you want to improve your workout load. Avoid overusing your shoulder because it can only do more harm than good. Give it time to rest and let it heal properly.

It is very important to keep in mind that the way to rehabilitation after your shoulder joint replacement surgery is unique. How quick the recovery period is may be different for every person. Talk to your healthcare team and help them track your recovery. They will make the necessary adjustments to your post-operative care as you make progress.


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