Natural ways to remove toxins from our body

Toxins are substances with elements of poisons, which are unstable and living. There are many questions on how you can flush out toxins in your body in a very natural way.

The body gets into contact with toxins through three ways; inhaling, ingestion and body contact. Some toxins include pesticides, mercury, and electromagnetic field among others.

When your body is exposed to these toxins, there are natural remedies that you can use to flush out the toxins.

In severe cases, you can visit a detox centre or a drug treatment centre for more professional medication.

Take fluids

Water and lemon juice are one of the most effective way to naturally get toxins out of your body. You can take this fluid when you have not taken any other meal so that it is effective.

Further, you can add ginger to the drink for better effectiveness

Reduce intake of processed juices

Preservative and flavours found in processed and packages juices could be a source of toxins to your body. The best way to detox is to take fresh juices that are not only healthy to your body but also adds nutritional value.

Get enough sleep

Rest has a way of giving the body a chance to remove toxins from the body. When you get good sleep, your body rests sufficiently.


Fasting is the act of restraining yourself from ingesting food. This gives the body enough time to remove waste and any toxins in the body. You can take a one-day or 3 day fast and this can naturally clean your body from toxins.

Exercise more

Exercises have a way of keeping the body active. It also helps the body sweat and remove any toxins that may be hidden in the body. There are various exercises that you can pick up that can help your body detoxify faster.

Check your diet

Drug detoxification means you will also be careful what you eat every day. During this process avoid fast and junk food and focus on healthy diets. Some of the fruits you can take include lemon, ginger, garlic, green tea, cabbage, and beetroot among others.

Check your stress levels

Stress can hinder your body from naturally detoxifying. As such, avoid stressful moments that you hinder your recovery journey.

Reduce salt intake

Excess fluids are easily retained in the body by salt. This means that you need to reduce the intakes of salt as you increase the fluids you take. This will make it easy for the body to detox.

Go natural in terms of body care

Detoxifying the body is not internal exercise only; rather, it is also external. This means that you will also avoid outside chemicals that add toxins to your body. Some of them include perfumes, deodorants etc. You can try to avoid them for some period.

Bottom line

Eliminating toxins does not have to be costly and capital intensive, you can adopt some natural ways to clean up your body and get rid of some toxins at home.. However, in some cases where Natural way is hard to manage, then consulting a certified detox specialist can be a good option.


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