Myths About Seeing a Chiropractor

The media is renowned for influencing our opinions on a wide range of topics, such as the healthcare system. Chiropractors, like the “evil” physicians and dentists they symbolize, are regarded as scary. They have been linked to back cracking and loud popping noises, both of which can make some people feel uneasy.

Many people, however, are ignorant of the actual advantages of chiropractic care. Having a better understanding of the reality of therapy may make it easier for them to arrange sessions that will assist both their physical and mental health.

Because many individuals are wary of chiropractic therapy, it is critical to research the strategies employed by different clinics in their treatment. Foundation Chiropractic is one successful clinic that employs non-invasive and natural methods.

Myth: All Chiropractic Patients Are Elderly

Many of their patients have back and neck problems because chiropractors seek to restore the spine. As people age and their joints and bones deteriorate, these disorders become increasingly frequent. As a result, the vast majority of patients are aged 45 to 64.

However, if you are under the age of 18, you can still get help. Younger individuals are more likely to have herniated discs or sciatica than older people because they work in physically demanding occupations or have had back surgery. Others may have had arthritis, which contributes to their nerve tension.

Chiropractors also help pregnant women who regularly have back pain as their baby grows. They can also help these expecting mothers with pelvic adjustments, which can make the birth process go more smoothly. They can assist in improving the areas that have been weakened by delivery and give women a renewed sense of vigor post-partum.

Foundation Chiropractic, for example, may be used on children. When there is a curvature in the spine, a chiropractor can gently straighten the vertebrae to reduce the possibility of severe scoliosis.

Myth: Chiropractic Care is Expensive

The sounds heard in movies or on television when a character sees a chiropractor are unpleasant. They can be loud, and even when eased, the surface may shout in anguish. This suggests that in order for you to feel better, the chiropractor must inflict some discomfort.

This needs to be corrected. While certain changes may be startling, the pain is not their fault. This feeling is caused by existing health issues in the body. Your nerves are only reacting to the sudden changes, which will eventually cure you and ease your tension.

As a consequence, chiropractic therapy is only sometimes obtrusive. While most chiropractors use their hands, several clinics use different techniques. The torque release technique (TRT), for example, is used by Foundation Chiropractic. They treat patients by rolling an integrator tool along the spine to find and correct problem areas.

Myth: Chiropractors Only Treat Spinal Problems

A chiropractor’s primary role may be to treat back and neck pain, but they can do much more. Your entire body suffers when your nervous system is out of balance. Many chiropractic patients may be suffering from mental distress.

When your body is less tense, you may feel more energized. This will lead to more physical activity and better sleeping patterns. As a result, your mood may improve, and you may have an overall sense of calm. The increased mobility will also assist in reducing issues such as obesity.

Breathing might be difficult due to spinal abnormalities pressing on the lungs. Chiropractic care can give an immediate answer to this problem. In addition to modifications, they can help patients acquire breathing abilities.

Aside from treating pregnant women, chiropractors have also assisted adults who want to have children. Pelvic health issues can increase fertility in both men and women.

Myth: You Can Solve Your Own Issues

Because they are too reluctant to seek therapy, some people may rely on their own methods to crack their back and neck. Why waste time and money traveling to an appointment when you can do it from home?

While you may be able to offer yourself some relief, the aches and pains will return. Not only that, but you may be putting yourself at risk for far worse stress since you require more training. Some procedures have the potential to be dangerous. Your joints may be injured as a result of the ligament straining, increasing your risk of osteoarthritis. You might potentially sever your spine, demanding medical intervention.

Chiropractors understand the particular regions of your body that need to be corrected in order to provide you with relief. They may also be able to detect latent spine abnormalities, which are often difficult to detect. Disc degeneration, for example, has no symptoms in the beginning but might be dangerous later on.

Foundation Chiropractic Can Help

Finding the correct clinic is an important part of your treatment strategy. Otherwise, you need to know if you’re getting the right support to get your life back on track.

Foundation Chiropractic differs from its competitors in that it addresses all elements of your health, including your mental wellness. Your mind must be as healthy as your spine in order to be completely healthy. This is why they choose TRT over more standard therapies. TRT enhances brain function by normalizing your nervous system and increasing blood flow. Foundation Chiropractic patients have reported issues such as ADHD and trauma.

Because there are so many possible causes of spinal disorders, their staff thoroughly evaluates your whole medical history before treating you. They will also take x-rays of your spine before working with you to design a more comprehensive and tailored plan. This also helps them in their search for difficult-to-diagnose disorders.

We will not keep you in the dark. As they continue to treat you, Foundation Chiropractic takes note of the changes and improvements they notice during your sessions. This may involve more x-rays to demonstrate the before and after photographs.

Although the notion of seeing a chiropractor may be intimidating, the majority of that fear derives from misconceptions and urban legends. When you come to Foundation Chiropractic for treatment, you will be able to acknowledge the truth of your situation while also receiving the care you need to live your best life. To learn more about their approaches and the patients they may assist, go to


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