Maintaining Stress As A College Student

College may be an exciting time in a young person’s life because it allows them to explore their freedom while still preparing for a promising future. For college students, though, it may be a period of transition, growth, and change, which can be stressful. While a small level of stress can motivate students to improve their skills and talents, too much stress can be harmful to one’s health.

It might be challenging to balance homework, grades, extracurricular activities, sports, jobs, relationships, and a social life. Fortunately, college students have a variety of options for dealing with stress and improving their academic performance. Continue reading to learn more about college stress and strategies for dealing with it.

Types Of Stress


Stress is a natural response to potentially dangerous or unpleasant events. The adrenal gland generates cortisol and epinephrine when a person identifies a threat or a severe difficulty. On the other side, too much cortisol might have a harmful impact on one’s health.

There are three sorts of stress:

  1. Acute stress: A approaching deadline or a large test can cause this type of anxiety. It may seem intense at first, but it will fade away.
  1. Episodic stress: Taking on too much responsibility or being overworked on a regular basis might lead to this form of stress.
  1. Chronic stress: Chronic stress is described as a state of being stressed over an extended period of time. It is the most health-damaging sort of stress.

Unmanaged stress causes headaches, impatience, a racing heart, a weaker immune system, sleeping issues, and changes in appetite. This can have an impact on a student’s academic achievement as well as his or her interpersonal interactions. Anxiety, depression, substance addiction, and sleep problems are all prevalent college stress side effects.


Relieving Stress While Away At College

In order to excel academically and live healthy, balanced lives, college students must learn to manage their stress. The following tactics can help students cope with the stresses of college:

  • Exercising can help you relax, improve your mood, and decrease your stress levels. Parking further away from buildings, taking the stairs, walking to destinations, and other simple ways to stay active on campus are all possibilities.
  • Sports, writing, painting, cooking, and drawing are all activities that can help students relax and unwind throughout their college years.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings. This necessitates being fully present in the present moment. Mindfulness or meditation can assist to relax the mind, increase focus, and reduce the stress reaction in the body.
  • Seek professional help from a mental health expert if stress becomes unbearable. Speaking with a mental health professional can assist college students in developing effective stress management techniques.

While college can be challenging at times, it can also be one of a young adult’s most gratifying experiences. Understanding stress and how to manage it in a healthy way might help students prepare for difficulties beyond college. Please visit the website indicated below for further information.


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