How to Write Job Posts That Get Great Results

Hiring is pretty tough these days. In the aftermath of the COVID pandemic, it seems that a lot of people just do not want to work. Recruiters have to bring their A-game if they expect to land the best possible candidates. A big part of it is writing job posts that get great results.

A job post is not a social media musing. It is not an extra-long tweet or a cute meme you hope will go viral. A job post is, for all intents and purposes, an employment advertisement. It is a piece of marketing copy designed to attract a certain viewer and compel that person to do something with the information.

The people behind the Pharma Diversity pharmaceutical job board say there are right and wrong ways to write job posts. They offer the following advice:

  • Think About the Whys and Whats

Before writing anything, think about the whys and whats of the open position. For example, why does it exist? Is it a new position brought about by company growth or an old position vacant because someone else departed? As for the whats, consider:

  • what the job entails
  • what skills are required
  • what it takes to succeed in the job
  • what type of personality does best with the job.

Consider as many whys and whats as you can come up with. Then move on to creating employee personas.

  • Create One or Two Personas

Digital marketers create customer personas to help them better understand exactly who it is they are marketing to. The same principle works in the employment environment. Create one or two employee personas by imagining the type of person you think fits best with the position. Go so far as to give your fictional employees names, addresses, and personalities. Get to know them and you will better understand the type of person you are looking for to fill that role.

  • Practice the Right Mechanics

With a full understanding of the job and the type of person you want to fill it, you are ready to begin writing your post. From this point forward, it is a matter of practicing the right mechanics:

  • Clear, Concise Title – Make sure your job post has a clear, concise title that tells candidates exactly what type of position they are applying for. Avoid terms like ‘superstar’ and ‘top-notch’. If you are looking for a biotech engineer with 10 years of experience, say so in your title.
  • Daily Job Description – Avoid writing a job description that is too generic. Try to write something that lets candidates know what they can expect on a daily basis. Candidates who have trouble envisioning a job’s daily routine are likely to have trouble envisioning themselves working for your company.
  • Limit Total Length – The ideal length of a productive job post is between 300 and 700 words. Even at the 700-word point, a job post may be too lengthy to keep a candidate’s attention long enough to apply. You do not have time to devote to lengthy resumes; candidates do not have time to devote to lengthy postings.

At the end of the post, be sure to describe the application process with enough detail to leave no questions unanswered. Forcing applicants to figure it out on their own is a good way to discourage them from applying. Remember, you want to make the process as easy as possible.

Anyone can write a job post. If you want yours to be productive, make use of the tips you just read. You should notice a difference right away.


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