Exploring Outpatient Rehabilitation Services

Being sober might be one of the most liberating experiences in a person’s life. After years of dealing with substance misuse, becoming sober will result in a happier and healthier mentality, as well as a better future. You should not stop there even if you have completed an inpatient rehabilitation program.

An outpatient treatment program (OP) enables former addicts to get therapy outside of a hospital environment, allowing them to resume their normal lives. Inner Voyage Recovery Center also provides its Outpatient Program (OP) to individuals who are still battling but do not require inpatient care. Before you can begin, there is a lot to learn about this type of therapy, and while it may seem great for many, other people may need to explore more rigorous treatment first.

Why Is It Beneficial?

One of the most challenging aspects of rehab for many people is that it does not seem like a “normal life.” They are not permitted to go to work, nor are they allowed to leave the premises anytime they like, as they would in their normal routine. As a result, when they return to reality, they may feel befuddled. OP care may help make this adjustment less traumatic and provide them with someone to turn to for assistance so that they do not revert to their previous patterns.

Instead of staying in one spot all day, the individual attends daily or weekly sessions. You may get numerous forms of treatment when working with Inner Voyage Recovery Center, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), family therapy, or trauma therapy. You will additionally be given the opportunity to receive medical support and any additional services that may help you recuperate.

Why It Isn’t Right for Everyone

Despite its many benefits, OP treatment can be a barrier for individuals. This is because patients are not monitored by professionals during the day. Thus some people may revert to drug or alcohol usage. Not only that, but inpatient care may give treatment for any mental health issues that an individual may be experiencing, which they may not have access to when living at home.

Outpatient care is only guaranteed to keep a person sober and on track if they attend all of their sessions and follow through on what they are taught. If they are doubtful that they can handle this, they should talk to their care team about alternate possibilities.

Additional Programs

OP rehab is frequently the “alumni” step in many addicts’ journeys, so those who are experiencing significant difficulties can typically pursue other rehab treatment choices first. Inner Voyage Recovery Center offers two types of outpatient programs that might give patients further monitoring.

  • Individuals doing the PHP therapy must attend more sessions than those undergoing the other therapies. Patients are helped by a combination of residential and inpatient treatments. This is frequently the greatest option for folks who have just left a residential environment or who wish to utilize anything other than a residential institution.
  • While there are fewer appointments and assessments from professionals during IOP, it nevertheless provides more structure to patients than OP therapy. People who have finished residential treatments, like PHP, can use IOP. The difference is that these people have more free time.
  • Inner Voyage Recovery Center also includes a young adult program to assist patients between the ages of 18 and 25 in being sober while also addressing the numerous pressures associated with that age group.

Inner Voyage Recovery Center knows that getting healthy does not come in one size fits all. They understand that everyone wants to return to their everyday life, but it is critical that they are encouraged and cared for while doing so. Whatever type of outpatient care a client need, their team will show them that they are more than their addiction and have the right to heal.

Have you gone to treatment but still need some help remaining on track? Inner Voyage Recovery Center’s staff is eager to assist. When you contact them, they will assist you in determining which of their programs will be most beneficial to your present circumstances.


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