All That You Need to Know About the Non-Surgical Facelift Tension Threads

We see visible differences in our skin as we age. Like the skin tends to lose its elasticity and eventually hangs low. It starts having age and dark spots, wrinkles, fine lines or even spider veins. But we tend to avoid the traditional chemical therapies thinking them to be detrimental to our skin. 

However, with time, we have understood the power of face lifting treatments. Owing to the modern advancements, this treatment technique has also evolved and is popularly known as thread lifting now.

Non-surgical face lift tension threads

The instalift treatments are also referred to as the thread lifts or facial lifts and come with a completely non-surgical approach. This treatment involves a suspension suture which is absorbable. They are made of PLLA or Polylactic Acid and are inserted into the skin surface. These in turn help to reposition all the sagging tissues. In this way, this treatment helps lift the loose skin. They reposition the saggy tissues under the skin layer and volumize them. This happens due to PLLA and PLGAs, which acts as bio stimulators and stimulate natural collagen production. This technique serves as a complementary treatment solution against fillers or botulinum toxins that can be slightly painful as compared to this technique.

How are thread-lift and facelift similar?

A thread-lift is a non-surgical approach to the mid-skin areas and is lowly invasive. These processes are performed under the influence of anaesthesia. Heavy or general anaesthesia is opted during the surgical lifting. It is performed at the derma clinic and hence, the downtime is extremely low. There are no wounds after the procedure and also, there’s no need to remove the bandage or the suture.

How is the process carried out?

After you are put through local anaesthesia, you will notice a strategic insertion of the suture. This will enter the skin and pass the subdermal plane. It needs to reach the level in the middle of the face and jaw. There are cones in the suture, which serve as anchors to the skin. The repositioning of the fabrics will be done based on how one needs the recontouring. The doctor will determine the number of threads that you will require.

Thus, it is recommended to get this process done under the specialist supervision. Clinique Anti-Aging lifting process is carried out by expert professionals who have years of experience in this industry. 


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