Tips To Prevent Sports Bra Rash

A sports bra rash is an inflammatory skin condition caused by friction or moisture accumulation in the skin folds- sweat, poorly dried skin after a wash, improper miniaturization, and the like. As there is poor air circulation, the trapped moisture leads to friction, itching, cracking of the dermis and eventually, an annoying patch- often red and painful. This article enlists several effective measures to prevent such rashes and suggests ways to treat irritated skin.

Over-the-counter preventative care

There are several OTC options directed at preventing sports bra rashes or chafing. Most of these options work by forming protective barriers between your skin and the sports bra.

Anti-chafing gel

High quality anti-chafing gels are made of skin-friendly silicone that prevent rashes caused by friction. These gels are ideal for most skin types and a little bit goes a long way in offering protection. All you need to do is apply a little bit of the gel on areas prone to bra rash and the silicone will not allow the skin to rub against the fabric, thereby preventing chafing and the occurrence of bra rash.

Bra rash cream

A rashes cream helps prevent irritated skin from getting worse. It has soothing properties to keep the skin calm and safe from further complications. Moreover, it acts as an ointment to relieve pain, soreness and discomfort without exposing your skin to harmful chemicals.

Preventing a sports bra rash by making practical tweaks to your wardrobe and hygiene

Preventative care can save you a lot of trouble and pain that a bra rash tends to cause. Hence, basic practical steps can go a long way.

Be extra particular about personal hygiene

If you are prone to breakouts and rashes of any kind, you should be extra careful about keeping your skin clean. If required, you can use antimicrobial soaps specifically in the under breast area to prevent bacterial growth. Moreover, if you sweat profusely, you should opt for some home remedies that can soak up all the moisture. In addition, you can also wear light and breathable fabrics that do not hug your frame.

Choose the right support

The fit of your sports bra has a vital role to play in keeping your skin rash free. It should be snug but not too tight. The way to ensure the same is by picking a bra that does not ride up nor rub against your skin while you move around. Also, you should only be able to fit one finger between your skin and the band.

The fabric of your sports bra is also crucial. Since you are more than likely to sweat during physical endurance, it is advisable to opt for moisture-wicking fabrics that keep up the air circulation.

Home remedies to prevent and treat a skin rash

Natural extracts and oils along with some regular pantry staples have proven to help with sports bra rashes on the skin. Examples of such remedies include the following.

  • Tea-tree oil for its anti-fungal properties
  • Lemon-juice for its anti-bacterial properties
  • Aloe Vera for its soothing properties
  • Cornstarch to keep the skin dry naturally. It also helps relieve the burning sensation.
  • Basil leaves for they antimicrobial compounds that prevent rashes

The takeaway

You should be aware about the complications of a bra rash. Irrespective of what causes it, it has the potential to do serious damage if left untreated. Moreover, rashes could also indicate an underlying problem. So, if any preventive care or bra rash creams are not effective, you must consult a doctor. The latter could rule out serious problems and help focus on the right treatment methods


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