Relationship Between Nutrition And Hormones

Food is able to affect the production and secretion of hormones by directly affecting the gut through changes in the concentration of various metabolites in the blood.

Impact of nutrition on hormone signaling

Specific nutrients or overall nutrition may play either beneficial or detrimental roles in hormonal balance.

Various nutrition intake patterns as well as foods with a higher glycemic load are  known to impact circulating levels of certain hormones .For example is thyroid hormone regulation is influenced by the state of body ,from fed to starved and availability of nutrients  selenium. 

Influence of  nutrients to hormone signals

It can influence in two ways ; direct or indirect paths and based on dietary patterns or specific nutrients.

Direct nutritional impacts on hormone signaling sensitivity

In a recent study, it has been suggested that an up regulation of cortisol release with a western-pattern diet that includes increased amounts of refined carbohydrates and saturated fats and decreased amounts of fiber.

Diet composition has been suggested to positively influence pancreatic beta cell responsiveness and subsequent insulin sensitivity.

Researchers have also found out that while the diets are not affecting fasting plasma glucose, both dietary approaches are similarly effective in improving insulin resistance and enhancing beta cell glucose sensitivity.

Indirect nutritional impact on hormone signaling sensitivity

Nutrition may indirectly influence signaling sensitivity in a manner  that is dependent on these states .Example is excess taking of nutrients such as high dietary fat may lead to an increase in mitochondrial generated reactive oxygen species(ROS). In turn this leads to impaired insulin sensitivity.

Hormones effect on nutrition

Hormones are able to control hunger, fullness, metabolism and fat distribution, all of which can influence body weight.

How hormones affect your nutritional  needs

Hormones affect your resting energy expenditure 9(REE) –the amount of energy (calories) you use when your body is at rest. Both man and woman need different types of nutrients in their diet to maintain optimal health.

In women, their appetite rises and falls in tune with their menstrual cycle. This fluctuation parallels what is happening to their (REE) , which goes up just before or at the time of ovulation . Their appetite is highest when menstrual bleeding starts and falls sharply. They are hungry and need more energy just before they get their period.

In men , their male bones are naturally denser meaning they are less dependent on dietary or supplementary calcium to prevent severe loss of bone tissue late in life .They don’t lose blood through menstruation like women , so they only need only two – thirds as much iron

In conclusion, almost everything to do with human health starts with food, and how it is consumed.  Where you have the power to keep up your health by just being discipline on diet, exploring more of those you really need for your health. We should also consider the fact that we are not all the same .So we should not just ignore rather learns ourselves and how our bodies react to different foods. Our hormones is just another part of our body with so much importance and depend on our nutrition.


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