Is Addiction Treatment a Cure?

In many circumstances, addiction to drugs or alcohol is not understood. Those that are hooked to substances may wonder if there is hope for them, while their loved ones may not understand how they could have become addicted in the first place. Both may wonder if there is a cure. While there is not, addiction treatment and addiction therapy can both help assist those in these situations.

Addiction treatment has many facets. One of the first things you must realize is that addiction is a disease, just as depression or anxiety are. An individual may relapse at any given time.

Not all addictions are from the same substance. Some find alcohol is very easy to become addicted to, while others have found their substance of choice is meth, cocaine, heroin, or marijuana.  Chemical reliance is both behavioral and psychological.  It has been found that successful addiction treatment hinges not on the drug—but on a deeper founding of a person’s medical and wellness history, personal situations, and reasons for substance usage.

Some individuals will say addiction of any kind is a disease of the brain. The substance will affect the brain, its moldability, or the brain’s capacity to adapt physically or mentally over time as an outcome of its use.

So what does this even mean? Basically, it is a simple way to say that addiction therapy can assist in rewiring the brain. By decreasing malleability, narcotics change the course the brain takes in learning unexplored practices. Adversaries of this approach imply that saying dependence is a brain disorder lends to the thought that an individual isn’t in control of thought functions or manners but instead is ruled by their brain’s chemicals.

So why is this harmful to addiction therapy? To put it simply, an individual can deny they have a responsibility for the actions they have taken. They truly feel they do not have any problems. Rivals may believe the thought of entertaining the fact that dependency is a brain disorder disregards the fact that numerous individuals utilize drugs to deal with the issues they are facing. This suggests there is an underlying sickness that must be handled by developing an addiction treatment plan.

Is it possible to ignore addiction that has been driven by rudimentary prerequisites and likewise be cured? If mental illnesses cannot be reversed, then how can addiction that is driven by trauma or mental illness be fixed? If individuals are utilizing substances to deal with psychological concerns or suffering, it can lead to consistent relapsing, particularly if those matters aren’t being handled. Due to this, there are persons who feel that addiction can be cured without using an addiction treatment plan.

Those that are recovering from alcohol or drug addictions should understand there is help out there. Addiction therapy and treatments can assist in managing behaviors and symptoms from relapsing. This is why many former addicts will say they are recovering from either alcohol or addiction. While the individual will need to stay sober, post-treatment can help with living a healthy life.

Addiction treatment comes in many forms. There are detox programs, in-patient, outpatient, or intensive addiction therapy programs. You can also find addiction programs for veterans, adolescents, and older adults.

While addiction treatment and addiction therapy are necessary to help those that are hooked on drugs or alcohol, it is not a cure. If you or a loved one needs help, reach out to Mission Addiction in Dayton, OH for more information.


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