How Can Pediatric Dentists Help You?

It’s natural for parents to have questions about how to best take care of their child’s teeth. Do these teeth eventually replace the baby teeth that have fallen out? The teeth of infants must be cared for, too. In addition to standard dental checkups and cleanings, as a pediatric dentist I am also able to offer the following procedures:

Acquiring New Dental Care Abilities

Young children typically have limited knowledge of their own anatomy. Children may anticipate a visit from the tooth fairy when one of their teeth becomes loose or falls out, but dentists may put their minds at ease by explaining the normal process of tooth loss and the importance of excellent dental hygiene.

Pediatric dentists can also supply parents with resources to help them improve their child’s dental health. Many dental offices will supply parents with educational resources like books, coloring pages, and posters that stress the importance of good oral hygiene for children. In addition, many dentists provide free first screenings and consultations to talk about your child’s particular requirements.

Use Of Sealants In Preventing Tooth Decay

Although most people associate dentists with restoration care, they may also play a crucial role in preventative medicine. Dentists will utilize fluoride treatments and sealants to prevent tooth decay in kids.

When it comes to the back molars, where decay is most likely to occur, it is recommended that a thin, clear coating called a sealant be put to the chewing surfaces. Coating the teeth with a fluoride solution strengthens and protects them from cavities as part of a fluoride treatment. Applying fluoride and sealants on a regular basis can reduce the likelihood of cavities developing in youngsters.


Braces are no longer restricted to teens and preteens. You may use them on both permanent and infant teeth. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that patients begin orthodontic treatment between the ages of seven and 10. It is simpler to provide orthodontic treatment on children of this age since they often have both primary (baby) teeth and permanent (adult) teeth. Plus, dental movement is less of a hassle when the bones are still growing. As a result, treatment given at this window of opportunity could be more effective and require less time overall.

Parents may worry that their children may find wearing braces to be an uncomfortable or even unpleasant experience, but these devices have gone a long way in terms of comfort and efficiency since their beginnings. Taking your kid to the orthodontist might give them additional reason to flash a beaming grin.

In some cases, aligners can be used instead of braces. Aligners, which are manufactured specifically for each patient, are less noticeable than braces and may be removed for cleaning and eating. For youngsters who don’t want to deal with the added maintenance that comes with braces, this might be a better option.

Finding a Warm and Welcoming Dentist

A lot of kids and teens are scared of the dentist. Regular checkups are essential to a child’s health, thus it is crucial that parents select a clinic that offers relaxing therapy for kids. Dental care may be found at Wilton Smiles. That’s why, before we even start working with a kid, we make it a point to explain our therapy goals to them in great detail. Overall stress reduction translates to less suffering and a more favorable outcome.

Take your kid to Wilton Smiles if you’re looking for a great pediatric dentist in Wilson, Connecticut. You can rest assured that Wilton will always have a pleasant experience at the dentist. As soon as your child’s first tooth erupts, schedule an appointment for a checkup at our client’s office.


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