Chronic Pain Specialist London

Chronic pain is an unpleasant condition that can severely affect the quality of your life. This health condition can affect any part of the body – wherever there is muscle, nerve or tissue damage.

In many people, chronic pain can last for months or even years. Unfortunately, it is not easy to objectively measure chronic pain, so this is why you get a proper diagnosis and receive the most appropriate treatment for your chronic pain condition.

Correctly diagnosing chronic pain is something that your GP will leave in the hands of a chronic pain specialist, such as Dr Bhadauria, a consultant rheumatologist operating out of his London-based practices.

Diagnosing Chronic Pain

While it is normal for anyone suffering from an ongoing pain condition that doesn’t seem to be subsiding to see their GP, it can mean you are waiting for a long time for an appointment. Once you see your GP and they suspect you have a chronic pain condition, they will want to refer you to a specialist to get a proper diagnosis.

GPs are great at their job, but they don’t usually specialise in their medical knowledge and training, so they will need to refer you to a chronic pain specialist to confirm your diagnosis and administer the best treatment to manage your pain.

You may also need to wait a very long time to see an NHS chronic pain specialist, which means living every day in pain that cannot be effectively managed by over-the-counter pain medication.

Private consultation with Dr Bhadauria

Booking a private consultation with Dr Bhadauria in one of his London-based practices is the fastest and most effective way to diagnose your chronic pain condition properly. Dr Bhadauria will be able to see you much quicker than waiting to see your GP and then waiting again to see a specialist on the NHS.

Dr Bhadauria has access to specialist diagnostic tests, equipment and techniques that GPs don’t have. You can get a quick and accurate diagnosis for your condition and be prescribed the most effective treatment plan, including a combination of pain medication, physical therapy, diet and lifestyle changes.

What will happen at my consultation?

Dr Bhadauria will check your medical history to see if you have other health conditions that may be the cause of your chronic pain. He will conduct a face-to-face meeting to find out the type of pain you are experiencing, the severity of the pain, where the pain is located, how long it has been present, whether it is getting worse over time, and more.

You may then have other tests such as a physical examination, blood tests and body scans. This will not only help Dr Bhadauria confirm your chronic pain diagnosis, but it will also identify or rule out any hidden underlying cause for your pain.

Treating your chronic pain condition will be very individual. No two people diagnosed with chronic pain will have the same experiences. Dr Bhadauria also likes to take a holistic approach to treatment, including regular gentle exercise, a healthy eating plan, physical therapy, pain medication, and sometimes even surgery if required.

To book a consultation with Dr Bhadauria , contact us to arrange an appointment at the London-based practice that is most convenient for you to attend.


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