Buying A Device To Monitor Your Blood Sugar Level

Blood glucose monitoring is the main tool you have to get on if your blood glucose levels are still in the normal range. This tool tells your blood glucose level anytime. It is important for your blood glucose levels to be in a normal range, if your glucose levels are low, it might cause you to lose the capacity to consider some functions normally. If you have a high level of glucose you might cause complications to the body.

The CGM patches will measure the level of your glucose in the blood inside your body. This CGM is a sensor that is placed under the skin on your arm and belly, it is an adhesive and painless can be put also to the back of your arm. The CGM device will transmit on the sensor to send the results to a wireless monitor and fasten on your belt. The monitor of the CGM will display your glucose levels, if you have a low level it will alarm and it’s dangerous to your health.

How good are the patches?

  • It is a hypoallergenic adhesive.

This is safe for sensitive skin and the type of patches is quality and strong. It is gentle to use 95% cotton and 5% Spandex.

  • It is a non-sticky piece

The uniqueness of the paper design is that it supports the skin with non-sticky patches.

  • It is resealable pouches

The patches are stored in a rugged, resealable and waterproof sealed package.

How do you use the patches?

For the first time putting it on can be difficult but this procedure will guide you on how to use it. The patches are made to be put with only one hand and it is much easier to do, here’s the guide to applying the patches as follows:

  • Choose an area on your skin whether at the back of your arm or in your belly, but mostly is in the upper arm to generate a flat area during the daily activities (no bending or folding ).
  • Do not put along with the moles, scarring, or any tattoos.
  • Select an area to the skin at least 2.5cm or 1 inch away from the insulin injection area.
  • To prevent skin irritation look for an area of your skin that only one used and wash the chosen area with soap to allow your skin to fully dry before applying the sensor.
  • The sensor pack and applicator were separated packs.
  • First, open the sensor pack, and peel it off. Open the cap from the sensor applicator.
  • Arrange the dark mark from the sensor applicator. On the hard side, press down hard on the sensor applicator until it stops.
  • Put the sensor applicator to the chosen area on your body and push down to apply.
  • Slowly pull the sensor applicator a bit away from your body. The sensor will be attached to your skin and activated using the reader.


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