Biotech: Where Biology and Technology Come Together

Although the biotechnology industry has been around for decades, it has really come into its own in the last 10 to 20 years. For young people, it is an industry with plenty of opportunity and promise. But unless a student is naturally geared toward biotech, their knowledge of the industry is probably limited.

Biotech is where biology and technology come together to create better outcomes in pharmaceuticals, life-sciences, healthcare, and more. The best thing about the industry is that its jobs cover a vast number of options. Some biotech workers focus on pharmaceuticals. Others are contributing to the development of green energy. Still others work with food or agricultural products.

  • One Size Doesn’t Fit All

It is easy to appreciate biotech for its many opportunities. For example, Pharma Diversity is a job boards and recruiting organization that purposely seeks out employers looking to bring diversity into the workplace. They offer thousands of job opportunities at biotech companies around the world.

To say that Pharma Diversity doesn’t apply a one-size-fits-all approach to recruiting and hiring is to state the obvious. And they are not alone. The biotech field is so wide open that it would be nearly impossible to try to boil it down to just one or two jobs. Biotech is literally all over the map.

Illustrating the point is an excellent post published by the Explorer Biotech website. The post outlines just ten of the jobs available within the biotech sector. Those jobs include:

  • Biochemist – A career that involves researching and solving biological problems utilizing chemistry.
  • Microbiologist – A career that will have you studying organisms like bacteria and viruses, for the purposes of addressing problems relating to climate change, the environment, and even human health.
  • Food Scientist – Food scientists research food products from a variety of angles. They look at physical properties, chemical properties, and ingredients. Ultimately, the goal is to improve food supplies.
  • Medical Scientist – A career that applies scientific research of human diseases to improve health by developing new treatments and therapies.

These four careers do not even scratch the surface. There are literally hundreds of others to choose from. For young people, the choices can be overwhelming. Speaking with a counselor who can help a student understand their choices is an immense help. Once a student settles on a particular area of interest, the next step is to learn about education.

  • Jobs at All Levels

Another great aspect of the biotech industry, according to Pharma Diversity, is that there are available jobs at all skill levels. Entry-level jobs can be had with little more than a bachelor’s degree. Young people wishing to go further can work toward advanced degrees. There are plenty of employment opportunities to be had after graduation.

It is also possible to start in an entry-level position with a two-year degree, then continue one’s education while working. By the time a young person graduates with an advanced degree, they also have several years of work experience behind them. That is a fantastic way to move up the career ladder more quickly.

  • A Different Kind of Biology

If you are a young person wary of biotech because of the biology part, do not let the name scare you. Biotech is a different kind of biology. It is definitely an industry for the tech minded who also have an affinity for things related to biology. At least consider the industry as a possible landing place for your career.

Biotech is where biology and technology come together. The marriage produces new innovations that make life in the 21st century better for everyone.


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